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BBAW: My Shortlist

September 14, 2009
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I generally shy away from posts like this because I’m always afraid I’ll leave someone important out and then I’d feel awful.  I’m not shying away from it today, because I think one of the most important parts of Book Blogger Appreciation Week is spotlighting the blogs that you love – you know, the ones you can’t wait to read.  I’d really like to put my whole Reader on here, but since that’s not practical I won’t.  These are just some of the blogs on my personal shortlist:

At Home With Books – Alyce has fantastic book reviews and hosts My Favorite Reads.  I always look forward to seeing what she and her family have been up to.

Cindy’s Love of Books – I first met Cindy because we both enjoy listening to author interviews on Blog Talk Radio.  She hosts the Books Bought meme and also maintains a children’s book blog.

Confessions of a Bibliophile – I first discovered Jaime on Twitter and I’m glad I did.  I’m in awe of her CSS and html knowledge.  She’s one of the first two bloggers I got to meet in real life and it was such a thrill to get to know her.

Devourer of Books – Jen has a wonderful blog and didn’t miss a beat when she delivered baby Daniel.

Drey’s Library – I don’t know how Drey reads as much as she does since she works and has a family.  I always enjoy her reviews.

Joyfully Retired – Margot picked the perfect name for her blog because her joy in life shines through in her posts.  I love her book reviews and her “Favorite Places” posts.

Life in the Thumb – I think Staci personally responds to every single comment she gets.  Her Six Sentence Saturdays are always lots of fun and she’s started a second blog just to give away her books.

Linus’s Blanket – I first met Nicole when I participated in a conference call with Brad Meltzer.  She’d had a rough day at work and had fallen asleep when she got home.  She barely woke up in time for the call and still managed to ask the most intelligent question.  She just blew me away!  I’ve been enjoying her great reviews ever since.

Medieval Bookworm – Meghan is one smart cookie and I always love reading her reviews of historical fiction, because she can tell you how accurate it is.

Minds Alive on the Shelf –  Lisa has great reviews and she was the first one to participate in the meme I host.

My Cozy Book Nook – I was shocked when I discovered that Molly is a fairly new blogger.  Her reviews are always thoughtful and well written and I always look forward to reading them.

Stacy’s Books – Stacy was one of the first people to comment on my blog and I will always remember her for that.  She has great reviews and fun quizzes.

The 3 R’s Blog – I first discovered Florinda when I interviewed her for last year’s BBAW, and I’ve been hooked on her blog ever since.  It was so much fun to read about her experiences at Blogher this year.

The Book Lady’s Blog – I’ve been following Rebecca’s blog ever since she started it.  She writes wonderful reviews and will give us a peek inside the world of book selling from time to time.

The Literate Housewife Review – When I first discovered Jennifer’s blog, it was the standard by which I measured all the rest.  I was on Cloud 9 the first time she left me a comment – it was like I had been visited by blog royalty.  I met her when I met Jaime and the three of us can talk for hours!

The Printed Page –  Marcia hosts a couple of fun memes, including Mailbox Monday.  She is one of the most generous bloggers out there – she has even sent books to my parents.

I could go on and on, but it would make this post too long.   I hope you’ll take the time to visit some of these great blogs.

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  1. September 14, 2009 6:10 am

    I do thank you for just going for it, and listing your favs. This is how we discover new and wonderful blogs. Just since 5am this morning, I’ve probably added a dozen new blogs to my reader. Now I’ll never get anything done in my house! I see alot of wonderful blogs here, and I am off to explore the ones I don’t know. Thanks Kathy!

  2. September 14, 2009 6:25 am

    I know and love a few blogs from your list, thanks for introducing us to your favorites.

  3. September 14, 2009 6:42 am

    Thanks for highlighting some of my favorite blogs! I’ve clicked through to a couple of new ones too.

  4. September 14, 2009 7:03 am

    Thank you so much, Kathy! I’m in great company, too, your list is absolutely fantastic. I have to go check out the ones I don’t know!

  5. September 14, 2009 7:03 am

    You are tremendous.
    Thanks for this!

  6. September 14, 2009 7:12 am

    What a great list! I’m enjoying finding so many new blogs already this week.

  7. September 14, 2009 7:35 am

    Thank you for the shout out, Kathy!

    I am familiar with nearly every blog you mention and you are right – they are all worthy of recognition.

    Have a BBAW week 🙂

  8. September 14, 2009 8:33 am

    So many good ones!!


  9. September 14, 2009 9:12 am

    You’ve listed some great blogs here! I read about 3/4 of them, but am adding the ones I don’t to my reader.

  10. September 14, 2009 9:21 am

    Thanks so much, Kathy! You know I love BermudaOnion and spend more time here than I should 🙂

    Happy BBAW and best of luck in your award categories.

  11. Carol permalink
    September 14, 2009 9:33 am

    Great list. Some I visit regularly, but I’ll have to check out the others.

  12. September 14, 2009 9:36 am

    Thanks Kathy for adding me to your list. To be on the Bermuda Onion list is a great honor.

    I also appreciate finding a couple of new-to-me blogs here on your list. I’m off to check them out.

  13. stacybuckeye permalink
    September 14, 2009 9:41 am

    I’m so glad I made your shortlist! I remember your first days of blogging and can appreciate how far you’ve come.

  14. September 14, 2009 9:54 am

    Thank you so much Kathy for mentioning me. I have added you to my list of blogs I read daily.

  15. September 14, 2009 9:54 am

    What a great list of current reads with a few new-to-me blogs. 🙂

    Thanks Kathy!!

  16. September 14, 2009 10:10 am

    This is a wonderful list of so many great blogs. I frequent a lot of these but need to check out a few new ones. I can see blog roll is going to get a lot longer by the end of the week.

  17. September 14, 2009 10:14 am

    Thank you for adding me to your shortlist! I’m so flattered to be included on this list!

  18. bluestockingbb permalink
    September 14, 2009 10:24 am

    I like the Medieval Bookworm as well. Here is mine

  19. September 14, 2009 11:08 am

    I love reading these lists because I find new blogs and I get reminded of blogs I forgot to include. I can’t believe I forgot Nicole at Linus’s Blanket on my list, she’s lovely!

  20. September 14, 2009 11:56 am

    I haven’t even heard of many of these–I will need to “check them out”!

  21. September 14, 2009 12:40 pm

    I completely understand what you mean about wanting to add your whole reader in the post, because I felt that way too when I was making my list of favorites. There are so many awesome bloggers out there!

    Anyway, thank you for including my blog on your list!

  22. September 14, 2009 1:11 pm

    You visit such a wide range of blogs that even though it may take me more than a week, I know I have to check out all the ones here that I don’t already follow! Thanks!

  23. September 14, 2009 1:48 pm

    Kathy! What a pleasure it was reading your list! I love finding new blogs to read! Thanks so much for sharing and introducing so many great sounding blogs! 🙂

  24. September 14, 2009 2:00 pm

    Oh, yes, many of my favorites are on your list, too! And I’ve discovered a few new-to-me’s; thanks for the recommendations, Kathy!

    Enjoy the BBAW celebrations!

  25. September 14, 2009 2:24 pm

    Making lists like this is so hard, I agree. There are so many wonderful blogs out there. You’ve come up with a great list, Kathy. I’m familiar with most, but not all. I’ll definitely be busy blog hopping this week.

  26. September 14, 2009 3:02 pm

    I really appreciate my mention on your list, Kathy – thanks so much! We’ve come full circle now that it’s BBAW time again :-).

    This was a tough task, so it helped that some of my favorite blogs – like yours! – were on the “real” BBAW shortlist already :-). I’ll be checking out some of the new-to-me blogs you listed – thanks for those too!

  27. September 14, 2009 3:33 pm

    GREAT list! Thanks for sharing!

  28. September 14, 2009 4:14 pm

    I think Meghan should win some special “blogger’s choice” award or something- she’s listed on everyone’s favorites! No surprise- she’s a great blogger!

  29. September 14, 2009 4:27 pm

    Excellent shortlist since I know several bloggers on here. It is tough to make such a list. There are so many cool blogs out there.

  30. September 14, 2009 5:21 pm

    I enjoy some of these too and some are new to me so i’ll be sure to check them out!

  31. September 14, 2009 5:43 pm

    Love your site! This is random, but I clicked over from your comment on Lenore’s blog that you lived in Auburn. Just wondering if you meant Auburn, AL? I graduated from Auburn so I’m always interested in fellow Tigers 🙂

  32. September 14, 2009 6:08 pm

    That’s an awesome list! I love many of these blogs, and I discovered more interesting ones in this list. Oh, BBAW! How bad you will be for my reader!

  33. September 14, 2009 6:18 pm

    I agree with some of your choices (who I already enjoy) and some are new to me! thanks! And thank you so much for coming by my blog lately, I haven’t been able to get to everyone on my reader this summer and you are one I’ve missed. I always enjoy your comments, no matter where I find them!

  34. September 14, 2009 6:20 pm

    PS congratulations on your nominations in BBAW, I tried to get to everyone to congratulate them on their nominations, and you deserve it!

  35. September 14, 2009 7:13 pm

    Kathy, thank you so, so much! You really made my day. I love your blog too. I was so happy to see you shortlisted this year. You are everywhere and play such a big role in how rewarding blogging is for me. I’m so happy to have met you in person. You and Jaime are great. You picked a great selection of blogs – some I selected this years and some that were hard not to.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings either. I look forward to highlighting six more blogs next year.

  36. September 14, 2009 7:27 pm

    I know what you mean about posts like this … you don’t want to leave anyone out — but I think it is important too! I just love Molly and Alyce and I’m getting to know Margot. I’m going to have to check out some of the others you highlighted.

  37. September 14, 2009 8:09 pm

    Great list, Kathy!
    Some of these blogs are already on my GR, and now I’ve to visit the rest and add some more to my already bursting GR! 🙂

  38. September 14, 2009 8:09 pm

    I love your list of faves! I just had to go and update mine because there was someone I like very much that I’d left out – I can’t believe it!

    We have a lot of favorite blogs in common, Kathy, definitely!

  39. reviewsbylola permalink
    September 14, 2009 8:26 pm

    At Home with Books is a great one. I also focused on The Literate Housewife and Devourer of Books in my shortlist. As for the rest, they’re all pretty new to me so I can’t wait to check them out.

  40. September 14, 2009 9:01 pm


    I’ve enjoyed interacting with you at different blogs. Very cool post. Thanks.

  41. September 14, 2009 9:23 pm

    Hi Kathy (I finally know your name through the comments above)!

    Thanks for listing and introducing all your favorites to us!

  42. September 14, 2009 9:32 pm

    It’s a good thing I already admitted I haven’t got the time to keep up with BBAW because looking up all those favorite blogs is killing my free time. Many of yours are blogs I already know and love — great choices. The rest . . . sigh. I’m never going to have time to read books if I keep finding new blogs! 🙂

  43. September 14, 2009 10:10 pm

    Very good list! I’m happy to say I read most of these – off to check out the others. =)

  44. September 14, 2009 10:29 pm

    Congrats on your nomination and thank you so much for mentioning me, Kathy. Your blogging friendship has meant so much over the past year. We started around the same time and it has been great having you along for the ride.

  45. September 14, 2009 11:14 pm

    I love your list! I follow almost all of the same blogs, + yours! 🙂

  46. September 15, 2009 4:42 am

    I love this feature. Unfortunately, I can’t visit too many blogs during BBAW (ill-placed Midterms), but I’ll definitely be checking them out once I’m done.

  47. September 16, 2009 2:35 pm

    You and Staci are my idols when it comes to comments. I do not know how you do it, and I try my best to keep up with you…but I fail miserably which is why I suspect you are super-human 😉

  48. September 16, 2009 8:38 pm

    Kathy, I’m honored to be listed in such glorious company! =) I don’t know how I do it either, but I must love it, lol! And I REALLY don’t know how you manage to comment, all the time, on all the blogs that you comment on. You are truly super.

  49. September 17, 2009 10:50 am

    You and I read a lot of the same blogs, Kathy! But you named a couple I hadn’t yet discovered (oh nooooooo, as I sit here trying to catch up on over 1000 unread blog posts in my reader!!!!) Thanks for the links…you highlighted some of my favorites.

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