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SIBA 2019 – Day One

September 19, 2019

My sister, Karen, drove up to attend SIBA 2019 with me and we had a blast.  Since this was her first show, we started things out slow and easy on Friday.  The first thing we saw when we arrived was this fabulous display honoring Pat Conroy with quotes from dozens of authors.

Our first event was the Kick Off Lunch, featuring authors Julie Murphy, Akilah Hughes, Charlaine Harris, Kimberly Jones, and Gilly Segal.  This group of women hit it off so well in the Green Room before the event, they decide to forgo the normal format and just have a conversation and they were hilarious. Karen said Kimberly Jones should do a standup routine and I said I want to go to a party with her.  All of their books sound terrific. DEAR SWEET PEA (Harper Collins; October 1, 2019) is Murphy’s first middle grade novel about a young girl who’s parents are getting a divorce.  OBVIOUSLY (Razorbill; September 24, 2019) is Hughes memoir told in a series of essays.  A LONGER FALL (Gallery; January 14, 2020) is the second book in Harris’s Gunnie Rose series.  Jones and Segal teamed up to write I’M NOT DYING WITH YOU TONIGHT (Sourcebooks Fire; August 6, 2019) about two girls – one black and one white – who joined forces to survive a race riot that has engulfed their city.

We had a little time to kill and walked around downtown Spartanburg for a little while.  The city is in the process of revitalization and we were thrilled to see they’d rolled out the red carpet for SIBA.

Next on our agenda was the Sign Around, where authors who spoke on panels signed their books.  I may have squealed when I got a copy of ANTHEM (Scholastic; October 1, 2019) by Deborah Wiles.  It’s the final book in her Sixties Trilogy and I just loved the first two.  I was also excited to receive BIG LIES IN A SMALL TOWN (St. Martin’s Press; January 14, 2020) by Diane Chamberlain, the story of a woman who’s released from prison to restore a mural and discovers many secrets underneath it.  I couldn’t resist WHEN PENCIL MET ERASER (Imprint; May 28, 2019).  This adorable picture book was written by Karen Kilpatrick and Luis O. Ramos, Jr. and illustrated by German Blanco.

Our final event of the day was The First 180 Days Party.  This event celebrated authors who have books coming out in the first 180 days of 2020, since the empahsis at SIBA is on fall books.  I was happy to see Colleen Oakley there with her upcoming book YOU WERE THERE TOO (Berkley; January 7, 2020); it’s about a woman who keeps dreaming of a stranger and eventually meets him face to face.  THE HOUSE ON FRIPP ISLAND (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; June 2, 2020) by Rebecca Kaufman caught my eye.  It’s the story of two families who vacation together on the South Carolina coast.  Mary Cecilia Jackson’s novel, SPARROW (Tor Teen; March 17, 2020), sounds powerful – it’s about a ballerina who confronts the abuse in her past.

SIBA 2019 – Day TwoSIBA 2019 – Day Three

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  1. September 19, 2019 6:47 am

    What a fun event to attend! Bet you guys had such a great time. I love book conferences. Wish I could go to all of them! I’ll look forward to any further reports you have on this one.

  2. September 19, 2019 6:48 am

    i read about the Kickoff Lunch on Shelf Awareness, it sounded like it was a good time for all. I’m glad your sister got to go along with you this year.

  3. September 19, 2019 7:55 am

    What a great sister weekend. I think The House on Fripp Island sounds good!

  4. Erin Cook permalink
    September 19, 2019 8:45 am

    My TBR stack just became much taller – thank you for the recommendations!!! Looks like a fun time with your sister!

  5. Lloyd Russell permalink
    September 19, 2019 9:07 am

    I’m a big fan of Colleen Oakley and Diane Chamberlain. And I would have loved to see the Conroy display. Sounds like a very cool event.

    Lloyd (408) 348-4849

    On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 1:02 AM Bermudaonion’s Weblog wrote:

    > BermudaOnion posted: ” My sister, Karen, drove up to attend SIBA 2019 with > me and we had a blast. Since this was her first show, we started things > out slow and easy on Friday. The first thing we saw when we arrived was > this fabulous display honoring Pat Conroy with quotes” >

  6. September 19, 2019 9:20 am

    What a lot of fun and great reads too.

  7. September 19, 2019 11:48 am

    Sounds (and looks like) so much fun! I have a copy of Big Lies in a Small Town. Thanks for sharing.

  8. September 19, 2019 12:25 pm

    This sounds like it was a wonderful conference and how fun to share it with your sister!

  9. September 19, 2019 3:32 pm

    Sounds like you had a great time, I love that you and your sister went together! I see some books I want to read.

  10. September 19, 2019 3:54 pm

    Ohhh a new Oakley!

  11. September 19, 2019 5:33 pm

    Kathy, I enjoyed reading your post about SIBA. The photos add a lot. How wonderful that you and your sister, Karen, shared this experience!

  12. September 20, 2019 10:45 am

    I bet you’re having a blast!

  13. Helen Murdoch permalink
    September 20, 2019 10:56 am

    What a fun event! I just heard an interview yesterday with the author of Obviously and she was really interesting.

  14. Beth F permalink
    September 20, 2019 1:08 pm

    Sounds like it was fabulous. How fun to go with your sister.

  15. September 20, 2019 3:58 pm

    Sounds like the perfect sister event to attend 🙂 What a fun time!

  16. September 21, 2019 7:19 am

    I remember the one time I went to SIBA it was so fun, and so much nicer in many ways than bigger shows. It’s great you got to go with your sister!

  17. Diane permalink
    September 21, 2019 6:43 pm

    This looks like you had a great time and how special that you got to be with your sister as well.

  18. Literary Feline permalink
    September 22, 2019 7:46 pm

    How fun! It sounds like SIBA got off to a good start on that first day. Your new books sound awesome!

  19. September 24, 2019 9:54 am

    This sounds like such a fun event!

  20. October 2, 2019 3:47 pm

    What a wonderful event to experience with your sister!

  21. bookingmama permalink
    October 28, 2019 8:14 pm

    Another great event! The cover of SPARROW is calling out to me!

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